The Balancing Monkey offers a variety of safe, affordable, high quality classes. Some students choose the class by the day and time, the teacher, or even the price. We recommend that you try several different styles of classes and teachers. We are happy to make suggestions based on your individual needs. Here is an overview of our classes.

  • Basics is a great class to start with if you are brand new to Yoga. This class will break down poses using props and expert guidance to focus on the correct alignment of basic Yoga poses to build strength, flexibility, and balance. This is a slower paced class and is appropriate for most people.

  • Stretch and Restore is a more restorative class that focuses on mild stretching, reducing stress, and deep relaxation. It is appropriate for beginners, someone recovering from injury, illness, or with limited mobility. It is also a perfect class for someone with high stress, a fast paced lifestyle, or an intense exercise routine. This class will bring balance to the body and mind.

  • yogahour is a fast-paced, sweaty class that balances fitness and flexibility. It is a doable but difficult class that will challenge new and more advanced practitioners alike. This class is appropriate for adventurous beginners and those without injuries or serious physical limitations.

  • Blend is a 75-minute blend of movement, mediation, and deep stretching. It is a slower paced class based on the Basic Syllabus. It is appropriate for beginners.

  • Vinyasa Flow is a fluid, often vigorous class, that links breath to movement. Explore and expand your practice in this well-balanced class appropriate for all-levels including fit, injury-free beginners.

  • Yoga For A Cause aims to build community. This is a donation based class that raises money for local causes in our community. It is open to all-levels of practitioners.

  • Pilates Core Flow elongates and strengthens muscles to facilitate joint mobility and fluidity.


Try two weeks of Yoga for $25. No commitments. Come as often as you like. Proof of local residency required.