This 75-minute class utilizes supports to allow for deep stretching and restoration of the mind and body. 

gentle yoga

This 75-minute class focuses on stretching, breath, and movement.

Fascia Reset

This 75-minute class utilizes myofascial compression techniques and yin yoga to release fascia, the tough tissue that surrounds muscles and bones. 




This 75-minute class focuses on correct alignment of basic Yoga poses to build strength, flexibility, and balance. Taught by a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor.


A 60-minute class to elongate and strengthen muscles to facilitate joint mobility and fluidity.


A 75-minute blend of movement, meditation, and deep stretching. This is a slower paced class based on the Basic Syllabus.





A fast-paced, doable, and challenging 60-minute flow class. This sweaty class balances fitness and flexibility. This class is appropriate for adventurous fit beginners, but not advisable for newcomers with significant limitations or injuries.

Ohana yogahour

A family-friendly yogahour class. Sweat & stretch the stress away at a super affordable price. Children may practice or play independently. Because this is not a kids yoga class, caregivers should be prepared to attend to keiki as needed.


A 60-minute flow class with alignment focus that links breath to movement.


This 75-minute class is a fluid, often vigorous class that links breath to movement.  Explore and expand your practice in this well-balanced class appropriate for all-levels including fit, injury-free beginners.

Jivamukti yoga

This 90-minute class incorporates chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences set to eclectic music, hands-on assistance, relaxation, and meditation. Principles of kindness, compassion, and devotion are explored



Vinyasa 2 

Continue your exploration of practice in this 75-minute vigorous class. Modifications provided to help you move into intermediate level postures. Appropriate for Intermediate/Advanced level practitioners. 


“Tapas” is a Sanskrit word that means “to heat.” This class explores how we can use advanced asana practice to build heat and burn through tensions of body and mind. Students will have the opportunity to select poses and the instructor will skillfully provide the sequence. Please note that this is a led class, meaning the instructor practices with you. It is expected that students are comfortable honoring their limits. 


What's an "official yogahour studio"?
Official yogahour studios offer yogahour® classes as designed by Darren Rhodes and have certified yogahour teachers. Certified yogahour teachers have been trained by our designated yogahour teacher trainers.