• Balancing Monkey Yoga (map)
  • 1221 Kilauea Avenue
  • Hilo, HI, 96720
  • United States

Drop in to Banka's Friday evening Meditation Series from October 5 through December 21 at 5:30 pm. No class on October 26 or November 16. Cost is $10 to Drop In, or $90 for entire 10-Class Series. Class passes and unlimited memberships cannot be used for this series. Register here.

This series will help you to develop the ability to sit still long enough to be able to concentrate the mind so that it becomes balanced, steady, one-pointed, and able to concentrate on one object. When this concentration is intense enough, and sustained for long enough, then that concentration (dharana) becomes contemplation (dhyana), or what is called “meditation. If meditation is intense enough and sustained for long enough, then it will transform into a state of cosmic awareness, or bliss-divine (samadhi). We will explore different styles of meditation from guided to silent to visualizations. Meditation is open to everyone, and you need not be able to sit on the floor cross-legged-as chairs are provided. Come dive deep into the realm of Meditation.

"Just as you cannot “do yoga,” you cannot “do meditation.” Yoga is the natural state of union with the divine source, happiness itself. What we can do are practices, which may reveal to us our resistance to that natural state. The practices of meditation, like the practices of yoga, are practices of letting go; letting go of tendencies and obscurations to the cosmic state of awareness, limitless joy. Meditation is one of the primary practices that allow us to let go, and let God." -Shri Sharon Gannon