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Infinite Potential: Deepen your Practice Yoga Workshop Series Presents: Becoming the Wave: An Exploration of Bandhas and Yoga Transitions with Kristen Coyle, E-RYT 500

Saturday November 14th

Vinyasa:"To place in a special way" Vinyasa yoga is art in motion. One connects breath, dynamic movement, and self observation to connect to what is deeper than the eyes can see. 
Bandhas:"Internal seal; internal lock; the binding of consciousness to an object of concentration" Asana:"Comfortable, steady seat; yoga posture" Transition (in relation to asana):"The movements that connect the yoga poses together, like a string connects beads to form a mala.


This workshop will explore the bandhas and how they relate to steadiness and ease in asana and the transitional movements between statically held asanas. The primary focus will be on creative, inner strength activating, fun transitions into and out of arm balances, inversions, backbends, and deep hip openers (full spectrum practice). This offering is intended to explore one's infinite potential and ignite a passion for the love of practice. Pranayama, mantra, and deep relaxation will compliment the journey. Intermediate/Advance. Contact: oceanic225@gmail.com