• Balancing Monkey Yoga Studio (map)
  • 1221 Kilauea Ave
  • Hilo, Hi 96720

Inifinite Potential workshop series presents: Embodying Flow: Yoga Transitions and Bandhas Workshop

A transition is the dynamic movement between statically held postures. By learning and refining transitions, one invokes a moving meditation by embodying continual flow. Bandhas are the internal locks that stabilize the physical structure and, on a deeper level, offer an internal focal point to bind ones consciousness (sense withdrawal). Utilizing the bandhas within the context of physical practice also invites a witnessing state to unfold, where one experiences "I am not the doer" consciousness. Even when fear, aversion, or attachment arise, Invoking the bandhas, allows one's focal point to stay rooted deep within. A full spectrum practice will be explored, which includes: deep hip openers, arm balances, inversions, back bends, and safe drop backs. Pranayama and mantra are also integral aspects of this workshop.