• Balancing Monkey Yoga Studio (map)
  • 1221 Kilauea Avenue
  • Hilo, HI, 96720
  • United States

This workshop is a monthly exploration of the internal locks which are known as bandhas, and how they are applied within the context of the postures, transitions between postures, and breath work. Special emphasis is placed on refining transitions and cultivating steadiness through understanding the bandhas. 

A full spectrum practice will be explored, this month's emphasis is on: Deep Hips, Twists, Binds and Inversions. .

Bandhas are the internal locks which stabilize the physical structure, aid concentration, and offer an internal focal point to bind ones consciousness to (sense withdrawal). Utilizing the bandhas creates stability, deep core strength, and float in the postures and transitions.

A transition is the dynamic movement between statically held postures. Learning and refining yoga transitions allows one to invoke a moving meditation by embodying continual flow. Intermediate/Advanced

Cost $30