Understanding how our Hips & Jaw come to be Unleveled, and How to Bring them Back into Alignment for Full Body Tension Relief; July 15th; $30 Register

Imbalances in the pelvis can lead to pain, injury and diminished awareness of our bodies. This 3-hour workshop explores how misalignments caused from the jaw affect the hips and vice versa!  For many of us, correcting how we hold our jaw can be the missing link in our chronic back pain, migraines, and even joint pain! Once identified, you will learn techniques to level the pelvis each morning, and prior to your yoga asana. We will conclude with a 30 minute Yoga Nidra Practice for central nervous system integration. Yoga Nidra is a systematic relaxation that utilizes a personal intent for maximum healing at the conscious, subconscious and unconscious level. Download code for Yoga Nidra for Cultivating Intent by Katy Benjamin will also be available for $3, Therapy balls for $5. Please bring cash or check for these items.

Katy is returning from an extended stay at Standing Rock, as well as spending time with the indigenous peoples of Maine in the Penobscot region. She will be drawing from these experiences, as well as other social activism (including the Prison Yoga Project) to help illuminate the correlation between our personal practices and our service work in our communities. An E-200, 500 Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga, Katy completes her 1000hr Yoga Therapist Certification this year.