Sraddha: Backbends and Bhakti Yoga Workshop
with Kristen Coyle, E-RYT 500

Sraddha translates as 'faith' or 'belief.' It is the concept that no matter what, one is unconditionally supported by the essence of all that is. To allow unconditional faith in the universe into one's heart a strong sense of trust must be cultivated. Trust that in even in the darkest of times, all is perfect and in divine order.

Sraddha can be cultivated through the practice of bhakti (devotional) yoga. The prayer within one's heart of hearts opens and frees itself through the offering of one's breath, sweat, and voice.

This workshop will explore the elements of bhakti yoga within the context of an intelligent backbending practice, basic and creative transitions into and out of a wide range of backbends, chanting, and yogic philosophy.

Intermediate Level

Please bring a pen, paper, and a pair of socks (drills).

Saturday September 9th

Drop in: $30