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Shri: Yoga Transitions Workshop
with Kristen Coyle, E-RYT 500

This workshop is a study in yoga transitions and is aimed at developing and refining the often overlooked in-between transitional movements in practice that create a continual flow state in the body.

We will explore transitions in relation to hip openers, arm balances and backbends and work with connecting them together in an epic wave of movement and breath that will leave you feeling present and open with an awakened sense of grace and understanding of how to flow seamlessly within the Vinyasas.

'Shri' translates as 'beauty' and 'grace.' Embodying shri in our yoga practice is simply a matter of perspective. Every breath, transition, and statically held posture is an opportunity to tune in and discover the inherent beauty in the moment as it is.

Intermediate/Advanced Level. Drop-in cost is $35. Register here.