A Jivamukti Yoga Workshop with Banka

Yoga is the practice of happiness. Not ordinary happiness, but deep and lasting happiness that is unshaken by the ups and downs of life. Through yoga we wake up, slowly and over time, and as each bit the veil of ignorance that keeps us from knowing our true selves falls, we see more clearly what is, and with that we gain power to choose to live life aligned with the flow of Divine will. Those of us on this path face both tremendous challenges and opportunities at this time. We are undergoing a huge shift in consciousness. To navigate through this tumultuous time and emerge into the light, we must dissolve crippling prejudices. One of the ways that assists us in emerging into the light are The YOGA SUTRAS.

Rishis or sages who, through yoga practices, entered the state of samadhi, or union with the Divine, and brought back information that formed the basis for Indian sciences and arts. Patanjali codified the essence of yoga in the form of the Yoga Sutras, which is a manual for happiness.

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