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  • 1221 Kilauea Avenue
  • Hilo, HI, 96720
  • United States

Do you feel tightness in your hips? Would you like to experience more freedom in your hips and pelvis? Leading a sedentary lifestyle with large amounts of time spent sitting at the computer or in the car has created tightness in our pelvic floor. We are able to release this bound area with hip-opening asanas. There are many benefits to practicing hip-opening postures in yoga including loosened hips joints, improved range of motion and circulation, decreased back pain, as well as creating energetic shifts or releases.

The second chakra, located between the genitals and the navel, is karmically associated with sexuality and creativity. As we remember our higher intention, to bring happiness and liberation to others through our asana practice, we free the bound energy in our hips, transforming our creativity into something that is beneficial to others by embracing our past sexual and creative partnerships and letting go of negativity and blame.

The first 1.5 hours of this workshop will be a Jivamukti yoga class: flowing through mantra, breathing, asana, relaxation & meditation. Once we have an established grounded practice, we will move into exploring hip openers in an asana lab. Hands on assists will help you to delve deeper into specific hip openers. This workshop is open to practitioners of all levels. Cost is $30. Register here