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Invoking Stillness: Pranayama and Yin Yoga Workshop
with Kristen Coyle

Dive deep into the essence of the breath. This workshop is a three hour immersion into the realms of pranayama and Yin Yoga. We will traverse through a powerful pranayama (breathing exercise) sequence that assists in awakening our ability to perceive the body and energy lines of the breath in the body from inside out. An integrative, gravity-fed Yin yoga session focused on progressive waves of depth and opening in the body will follow. 

All levels. 
Drop-in $35. 
Register here. 

About Kristen Coyle: 
I am a dedicated practitioner, student and teacher of yoga. I’ve been teaching yoga and leading yoga teacher trainings and retreats for 13 years at various locales around the world. I currently reside on Hawai’i Island where I enjoy creating deep community and connection centered around yoga. As a facilitator, my intentions are to be a clear emissary of the traditional yogic teachings and techniques in a way that is both empowering and medicinal. I apply my extensive understanding of anatomy to my teaching and love creating dynamic, highly intelligent sequences to assist students in their unfolding process. My path is colored by many travels, cultural immersions and much dedicated spiritual research.