Levitate: Hip Openers and Arm Balances
with Kristen Coyle, E-RYT 500
Saturday, March 30, 2019
Noon to 3 pm

Journey into the realm of hip opening and arm balances. This workshop features in-depth alignment research for a full spectrum of deep hip openers, forward bends and their strength-based related arm balance counterparts. The primary focus will be on how to seamlessly connect seated poses and lunges into arm balances, transitions from arm balances into hip openers, and how to create a state of continual flow state with whatever your ability level in the arm balances may be. The core alignment of how to shift the bodyweight from the hips/feet into the hands will be the guiding force behind this session and will help any level of practitioner deepen their understanding and explore their infinite potential with the abilities they are working with currently. Come ready to play and inspire yourself.

Cost is $35. Drop in. Intermediate/Advanced Level. Register here.