Inversions: Turning Our World Upside Down
A Jivamukti Yoga Workshop with Banka

The profound nature of the inverted poses is due to their dramatic effect on both the physiology and the psychology of the practitioner. Inverted asanas can bring up fear, and in some cases people believe they are unable to do them, and this attitude prevents them from even attempting a challenging asana like a headstand.  In this way, asana undermines the hold that our beliefs about our limitations have on us, and we gradually see that they are not necessarily true. On the emotional and psychic levels, inverted asanas turn everything upside down, throwing a new light on old patterns of behavior and being.

We will start with a warm up, and move into learning or mastering Headstand, Handstand, Forearmstand, Shoulderstand, Dolphin, and Scorpion.

Cost is $30. Register here.