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Backbends: A Jivamukti Yoga Workshop with Banka
Saturday, April 13 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Cost is $30

Backbends provide entry into the *ANAHATA* (heart) chakra. Anahata chakra is associated with our karmic relationships with others whom we feel have hurt us. When we bend backwards, we access our heart center and allow the experience of those relationships to come to the surface. That can be very scary, because it forces us to see that the source of negativity is within us, not in the others whom we usually feel have wronged us—we can only see things outside of us that we already have within us; nothing exists in the world except as a projection of our own minds. Backbends also stimulate the thymus gland. The thymus plays a significant role in our immune system, which can be suppressed when we dwell in dark emotions. Stimulating that gland can help keep our immune system working effectively and contribute to better health. Our physical, psychological, and spiritual health is intertwined. We will explore a variety of backbends: Camel, Wheel, Bridge, Hero, Tiptoe Fish, and more.

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